An applied-Behavioural Science company

Kensho Advisory provides services relying on applied Behavioural Science. Thanks to our expertise, we implement strategies to trigger beneficial changes in behaviours by using minimally invasive and cots-effective policies. Learn more about our Behavioural Economics-Science below :


We use Statistics and Econometrics to get the best of your data and identify the key behaviours at play in your business


Getting the data is not an end in itself. Behavioural Economics is all about understanding more about human behaviours. Our real purpose is to get insights about the cognitive biases and decision-making processes at play in your business to eventually find a way to impact them in a positive manner

A Luxembourg Base and a Global presence

Kensho Advisory is a Luxembourg-based company but with an international DNA. We are a founding member of, an international network of Behavioural Economists present globally (Luxembourg, London, Dubai, New-Delhi, Sydney). We work on a collaborative intelligence basis to get the best of our skills, cultural differences and methodologies


We stay tuned to the release of new scientific literature in Behavioural Science and we therefore constantly update our toolboxes. However, we favour real-world research and on-the-field practice to offer to public organization and private companies tailor-made and cost-effective solutions

Ethics Policy

In our fast-evolving world, data has become the new oil but this valuable ressource is also very sensitive because we deal with human private sphere. The people of Kensho Advisory
take great care about the data
they receive by following a strict code of ethics. The company does not use these data to influence the behaviours of the people for evil purpose.
We are also proud to provide to companies consulting services for designing their own data and behavioural code of ethics

Kensho Advisory is a Luxembourg-based company providing services relying on applied Behavioural Science. The company was founded in 2017, by Delphine Dard-Pourrat, a Behavioural Economist (MSc), graduated from the London School of Economics.

Kensho Advisory is a founding member of is the first worldwide network (Luxembourg, London, Dubai, New-Delhi, Sydney) dedicated to applied Behavioural Economics.

Our home base is Luxembourg but our scope of services has no borders thanks to the support of our international network. Kensho Advisory is your gateway in and out of Europe.


They know the value of our work


Starting over

Behavioural science and economics offer an impressive toolbox for better understanding human behaviour.



Tech-savvy network

We were captivated by how Behavioural Science has applications all around us and the growing importance it will take with the development of AI. Thanks for planting a seed in our head.


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